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Sevilla – Fábrica Real de Tabacos

The Fábrica Real de Tabacos was the original tobacco factory – the one immortalised in the opera Carmen. Nowadays, it is part of Sevilla University. When the original factory was built in 1725 it was the second-largest building in Spain after El Escorial! It is an imposing Baroque and Rococo building.

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Granada – carmenes

One of the delights of the Albaicin area of Granada is its carmens (carmenes in Spanish). They are hillside townhouses with private walled gardens. They originated in Moorish times and their design expresses the Islamic idea of the inner paradise, a reflection of heaven. They gardens usually have mosaic floors, shady grottos and lush flora usually comprising rose, honeysuckle, palm, wisteria and, this being Granada, pomegranate. (granada is the Spanish word for pomegranate). Of course, these delighful townhouses have Alhambra views.

Granada carmen by Robert Bovington